Two innovative educational platforms are joining forces

Two educational platforms and, known for creating unconventional learning solutions, have joined their forces. Coursmos, an online micro-learning platform focuses on placing and promoting very short learning courses aimed at the generation that was brought up in the era of distractions. According to Youtube views data, the most popular videos are those, which […]

Business Simulation Workshop in Galilee International Management Institute

On 19th September, a business simulation workshop, using Simformer innovative solutions, took place in Galilee International Management Institute (GIMI), Israel. The session was a part of the SME program and lasted for 8 hours with small breaks. The simulation workshop was led by Mr. Noam Levy, a senior lecturer and academic director at GIMI as […]

Virtual economics will solve the real world issues

Recently virtual currencies and economics started gaining global interest, due to their impact to the real world economy. Virtual currency “Bitcoin” has became a billion dollar industry by providing people with anonymous money transfers. Businesses that offer to exchange real money for virtual commodities is booming. Currently it’s a multi-billion dollar industry. People are converting […]

Simformer found to be among the top-10 Central & Eastern European startups

The CEE Startup challenge gathered over 700 participants, as registration closed at 10th of March, 2019. Jury team focused their sights on startups from 8 main categories – Edtech, Fintech & Insurtech, Blockchain, Business & ICT, AI Analytics & Big Data, Martech & Adtech, Marketplace & E-commerce, Media & Entertainment. Finalist will be announced on […]

Simformer reviewed positively and receives two prestigious SAAS awards for corporate LMS software

When choosing the perfect-cut LMS application on a market full of promising solutions, customer like to rely on expert opinion before even testing or considering a product. This is why scoring positively on B2B platforms ranked as high as is the success all vendors aspire for, and work hard to achieve. For Simformer, the […]

5 Reasons Why eLearning Engages Employees in Training

According to a Bersin report from 2014, the average company spends about $1000 yearly on each employee’s training. This means a company employing 100 people doles out $100,000 on learning and development, and an organization with 100,000 employees spends $1 million yearly on training. Clearly, companies are making huge investments into training their staff. However, […]

4 Ideas To Include In Your eLearning Course

The main goal of e-learning is to prepare specialist with practical skills. You can create course with elements of teamwork, brainstorming – and other aspects of real-work environment. Here are 4 ideas to make your course more engaging. To create a course use innovative platform for business simulation Simformer. With its flexible configuration, SBS is […]

Business-game “CBS Business Management Cup”

  From January 23rd till 29th, 2017, City Business School together with Simformer Business Simulation for Training and Education team had conducted an engaging business-game “CBS Business Management Cup”. The participants had the goal not to drive their own virtual company to bankruptcy and to move it up to the highest level.A fast-paced game had […]

Ukraine hosted its first ever online contest for managers

On 16 December, 2016 Vinnitsa (Ukraine) hosted its first ever regional online contest designed specifically for managers of various companies. The contest was organized with the help of joint efforts between Euroconsulting, a leading management consulting company in Ukraine, and a multinational online educational platform Simformer Business Simulation. A lot of processes were experienced for […]

New Year Offer! One month access for FREE!

Simformer announces a special opportunity for academia institutions and offers a free 1 month subscription for any package of Simformer Solutions for up to 30 students. This is a unique chance to save up to 1800$, receive the on-boarding, and apply the THE BEST OF ELEARNING! 2016 solutions for practical use without any risks and obligations. […]

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