Business-game “CBS Business Management Cup”

Simformer business cup
From January 23rd till 29th, 2017, City Business School together with Simformer Business Simulation for Training and Education team had conducted an engaging business-game “CBS Business Management Cup”.
The participants had the goal not to drive their own virtual company to bankruptcy and to move it up to the highest level.
A fast-paced game had been carried out for 5 days. Passion was running high around the choice of strategy and tactics, as a result the product lines and pricing were formed, the participants’ companies had extended.
As it turned out, the cautious management was very suitable for stabilizing of business and overcoming the crisis, but to bear away the bell one had to expand aggressively. However, many different problems and traps of virtual business world were waiting for the participants.
Here is some feedback from one of the CBS Cup’s participants: “Thank you very much for providing an opportunity to test our skills. This week was very refreshing, interesting, intriguing for me. I received a colossal delight.”
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