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What is the Simformer online assessment?

Simformer online assessment

Simformer Online Assessment is an effective HR tool for the remote assessment of managers’ and candidates’ professional competency. Assessment is conducted in the process of realistic online business simulation. The user controls business development and typical processes; the system measures and estimates the effectiveness and results of the user’s actions in such spheres as:

  • Sales;
  • Marketing;
  • Supply chain management and logistics;
  • Human resources management;
  • Operational management;
  • Strategic management.

The customer of Simformer Online Assessment receives a detailed profile of candidates’ competencies in visual form with a detailed analysis of the user’s actions in the business simulation. It helps to quickly assess their strengths and weaknesses, in addition to knowledge and skills in key business competencies. Such forms of remote computerized diagnostics in business simulations allow a significant reduction in effort and cost of primary assessment. It also considerably reduces the human subjectivity factor and gives HR managers relevant and objective metrics of each candidate in a form suitable for analysis.

The Simformer online assessment is very effective in planning employees’ and students’ training courses, assessment of their progress in competencies development during education.

First of all, the Simformer online assessment is designed for companies’ HR-departments that regularly search and select candidates for managerial positions, who train and assess the skills of their employees. It is also useful for business schools oriented towards practical management skills development among their students and their progress control.

How does it work?

The basis of the Simformer online assessment is a complex and realistic online business simulation. The participant has to complete it and build a virtual business in order to be assessed.

  • The customer has the possibility to choose the most suitable business simulation scenario. This scenario can be chosen with a focus on a specific industry, certain management functions and can be used to assess the skills of a candidate.
  • All candidates go through the chosen business simulation online and take a number of managerial decisions during the game. The system estimates the manager’s effectiveness in controlling main business processes and compares it with other candidates’ results.
  • Based on the candidate’s decisions, actions and results, received during the business simulation, the system automatically forms an informative and illustrative report which is sent to the customer.
  • Simformer’s online assessment contains the following data on each user:
  • Dynamic data about the company’s financial performance received by the participant during the business simulation;
  • Dynamic data (for each action in the game) about the participant’s efficiency in controlling key business functions, such as sales, marketing management, supply chain management and logistics, human resources management, operational management, strategic management;
  • A final evaluation of the metrics of the candidate’s management competencies with a detailed explanation of each metric;
  • The candidate’s basic skill development progress in the business simulation course (a.k.a their trainability);
  • A comparative group report (in case of group assessment).

Goals of the Simformer online assessment:

  • An objective and quick online estimation of the practical skills and key professional, managerial competencies held by an applicant;
  • An objective and rapid assessment of company employees’ basic professional competence and potential when planning their training and career advancement;
  • An objective assessment of practical knowledge and skill development dynamics of the companies’ employees and business-schools’ students during their education and training courses.

Benefits of the Simformer Online Assessment for HR-departments, educational centers and business schools:

  • Multi-fold reduction of financial and temporary expenses on candidates’ professional competence assessment in the process of selection;
  • Reliability and objectivity of estimation due to realistic business simulations and human factor mitigation at the primary stage of data collection and analysis;
  • An unlimited number of assessment participants per unit of time;
  • Assessment is conducted online, the calculation of metrics is carried out automatically, which lets HR managers concentrate on creative work and the correct interpretation of candidate metrics;
  • The combination of the assessment procedure with an exciting gamified professional simulator allows the candidates to unlock their human potential to its full extent, and for the HR manager to locate the most talented employees.

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