For Universities and Colleges: Business Simulations for Students

Our platform is designed to help educators make student learning fun, visual, and kinetic.

Business simulations will help the teacher demonstrate to students how to apply the acquired knowledge in practice.

Experience in managing a virtual company in a realistic simulation helps students to connect disparate knowledge and concepts into a unified, systemic picture and will help them gain basic management skills.

How can a teacher and university use Simformer?

Make your classes and courses more interesting

Integrate business games and simulations into curricula


  • 30+ scenarios and topics: General Management, Marketing, Sales, Financial Management, Production, PM, QM, HR, RnD, Supply chain, etc.
  • Intensive mode (1-2 days), Academic mode (30-360 days)
  • Access: online, 24/7, multiplayer mode
  • Easy integration with your LMS (If needed)
Organize events at your university

Student Championship in Management and Entrepreneurship


  • Individual or team participation
  • Students compete against each other online in a multiplayer business simulation
  • A wide range of scenarios and topics for organizing championships – from creating a small business to anti-crisis management
  • Flexible championship timeline, choice of game intensity and difficulty
Create a business simulation for your course

Tool for customizing scenarios and parameters of business simulations.


  • Create and set up a business simulation for your online course in 2 days. Dozens of ready-made scripts and templates.
  • Choice of 200 industries, all key business processes and management functions
  • Flexible business game settings, multiplayer and individual modes.
  • LMS for combining theoretical course and business simulation
Offer your students

Remote and useful online internships


  • For students of economic and business specialties
  • Student internships take place in a realistic business simulator
  • 4 scenarios are available: Retail Business Management, Production Management, Complex Product Creation, Startup Management
  • Each student receives a certificate and a detailed report on their results

Special price offer for universities!


The student acquires access independently



University acquires a package of licenses for its students

License package for 10 students

License package for 50 students

License package for 100 students

Scenarios available on special offer

Simformer is recognized as the best-specialized platform for business education!

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Simformer Startup Challenge

Examples of using Simformer’s business simulations in universities and business schools

Procter & Gamble
Procter & Gamble

Online student management championship to select candidates for work in the company

Simformer business simulations - FEFU

Systematic use of Simformer in 15 educational tracks for 3 years. More than 5000 students trained

Vilnius University

Creation of a combined course “Quality Management” + business simulation. Student championship in quality management.

Simformer business cup -EFMD-

Organization of the international student management championship. Participants: 370 universities from 40 countries.

Simformer - Agostino Universidade
Universidade Agostino Neto

University Championship in Management and Entrepreneurship based on the Simformer platform. Integration of Simformer’s business simulations into a marketing course.

Simformer- Craiova university
University of Craiova

Implementation of the Simformer business simulation into a marketing course. Victory in the international student championship Simformer Business Cup.