Business Simulations for Education

The flexible and easily customizable Simformer Business Simulations (SBS) platform is the foundation of all Simformer solutions for business and academia sectors. In the process of development of SBS, we relied on the experience of experts from different business sectors and meticulously collected knowledge relating to the functionality of Simformer Business Simulation while recreating the smallest nuances of technological and business processes.

Multiuser business simulation

1 000 000 registered users
50 000 active players

Simformer marketplace

20+ industries
200+ products and services

Key business processes

All key business processes

Today, the powerful multi-user platform Simformer Business Simulation allows you to realize the most daring ideas from interactive school and university classes to corporate tournaments and events in Training and Skills Development.

With its flexible configuration, SBS is able to provide the basis for long-term courses or short-term training programs. High school teachers, university professors, and specialists in the development and training programs will be able to solve their tasks in SBS.

Simformer Business Simulation combined with a popular Learning Management System forms a unique e-learning solution. Our LMS offers the ability to create interactive tasks, check the performed tasks, rate them, as well as communicate in forums and other resources.

Tens of thousands of participants around the world create a unique ecosystem in SBS, a virtual economy, a natural competition, rich business life, and the need to make decisions in challenging situations. The unpredictability of the real participants determines the probabilistic nature of future outcomes and introduces a risk factor, which adds a unique emotional element to any task solved with the help of SBS.

The unified simulation space Simformer Business Simulation speaks 3 languages: English, Spanish, and Russian which allows, in addition to managerial skill acquisition, to improve the motivation for and efficiency of learning foreign languages.

Simformer is an unparalleled project. We did not just create the world’s most powerful multi-user business simulation platform; we created an innovative e-learning solution that fundamentally changes the approach to business education.

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