Business skills development
through game-based learning

Business skills development through game-based learning

Retail, Manufacturing,
Service industries, +200 more

Retail, Manufacturing, Service industries, +200 more

Strategy, Core Management,

Strategy, Core Management, Entrepreneurship

Finance, Marketing,
Supply Chain

Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain

Communication Skills
and Teamwork

Communication Skills and Teamwork

Business simulations for skills training

  • Strategic Management, Core Business,
  • Marketing, Sales, Finance, Supply Chain,
  • Entrepreneurship, Leadership, etc...

online · multi-user · solo or team · intensive or slow mode · certificates · instant access

Learn by doing, practice by playing!

Usage formats for our business simulations
Online training
Online training
  • Get practical business skills
  • Intensive and slow mode
  • Gain Instant access
Sim Based Contests
Sim Based Contests
  • Individual or team-based
  • 20+ scenarios, flexible timeline
  • Online, participants can join from anywhere
Remote Internships
Remote Internships
  • Practice in business simulations
  • Online, safe, efficient
  • Detailed reports and certificates

Our clients

Unicredit Bank
„I want to thank Simformer team for this wonderful course, it was an extremely beneficial experience for me both as a human and as a manager!“

„This learning experience was more than OK because it was different, I was expecting something else and I was very surprised by such high level of organization and knowledge from the moderators. A really great learning experience and I will dare to challenge myself again Simformer Business Simulation virtual environment.“ - Claudiu Cornoiu, HR Director, UniCredit Bank SA Tiriac.
Procter & Gamble
„Using the Simformer platform, we organized a management competition among students and university graduates in order to select the best candidates to work in the company. The business simulation reproduced the company structure, product line, markets, key business processes of Procter & Gamble. Such an online competition helped us to select several dozen of the strongest candidates in several different regions in one day. Simformer proved to be a very effective tool for quick and high-quality evaluation of candidates.“
University of Craiova
„Simformer Business Cup is an opportunity that each of us should experience. Simformer gave us the opportunity to learn how the real business is, to see how it is to order something from a supplier and not to receive it. I also learned what real obstacles young people, who are just getting started in the business, may face. But nothings beats the feeling of achieving the goals you set for yourself. Making decisions together helped us learn how to work in a team. There were 6 of us in the team and we all had the chance to apply our theoretical knowledge in practice.“ - Diana Bobaru, the captain of the winning team (The University of Craiova, Romania)
Vilnius University
„I was impressed by the capacities of Simformer sim-based online solution. The simulation provides a perfect combination of theory and practice. Since the simultion includes all key business proceeses, it allows instructors to teach various subject at once. Moreover, such practical game-based tools guarantee student engagement and reduce teacher preparation time.“ - Dr. Dalius Serafinas, an associate professor at Faculty of Economy, Vilnius University, Lithuania
„This event was the most memorable moment in my academic life. The game was relevant to why I am studying in this university, which is to be an entrepreneur and establish my own business in the future. I used to be lacking in hands-on experience, but now I know how I can improve myself in a chosen industry. With the help of Simformer game we were able to revise and apply the knowledge that we had acquired during our lectures. We all had to reinforce our knowledge in production organization, marketing, finance, PR, negotiating. It was difficult, but we learned that we were able to overcome the barriers, compete and negotiate.“ - Dr. Amjad Natsheh, Palestine Polytechnic University
„Simformer business simulators help to understand the principle of operation of the entire value chain of goods and services. A distinctive feature of this simulator was the presence of competition not only among our university groups, but also among other participants in the simulation” - FEFU student, leaders of practical classes on a business simulator as part of the program „World Economy and International Business“

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