Business simulations for corporations

Why do corporations use business simulations?

Simformer’s business simulations are designed to develop your employees’ management skills, entrepreneurial thinking, increase the efficiency of cross-functional interaction, and a systematic approach to business.

Business simulations for corporations

Make your corporate training programs fun, visual, practical, and accessible online.

Make training effective and engaging!

Business simulations for online training, evaluation and motivation of your employees

Business simulations list

  • Online or onsite
  • Intensive mode (1-2 days, full immersion)
  • Corporate mode (60 minutes per day, 5-14 days)
  • Team or individual participation
  • Any number of participants
  • 30+ scenarios and topics: Strategy, Core management, marketing, sales, finance, production, PM, QM, HR, R&D, Crisis Management, Entrepreneurship
Remote automated sim-based assessment tool

Online assessment of management skills using a business simulation


  • An effective tool for remote online assessment of managerial competencies
  • The user manages a virtual company in a realistic business simulation
  • While the user is playing, the simulation evaluates his demonstrated competencies, and the results obtained
  • Your company receives a standardized report for each candidate
  • The final interpretation of the evaluation results is made by your HR manager

Make your corporate events unique, gamified, competitive, and engaging

Develop and motivate your employees!

The Corporate Management Challenge


  • Goals of the Corporate Management Challenge: Development of managerial skills and entrepreneurial spirit, talent search, evaluation, team building, cooperation, and collaboration
  • Team and individual participation, unlimited number of participants
  • Online access to the business simulation, regardless of where the participants are in the world.
  • Intensive training mode (5-8 hours in 1-2 days) or corporate mode (30-60 minutes per day without an interruption to work)
  • 30+ scenarios and topics: General Management, Core Management, Marketing, Sales, Crisis management, Production, Quality management, Supply chain, HR, etc.

Examples of using:

Procter & Gamble
Procter & Gamble

Management championship for remote evaluation, primary selection and onboarding of candidates.

UniCredit Bank

Online training for managers of European branches in the business simulation “Anti-crisis management”. Implementation of the simulation in a corporate training program.

SImformer business simulations for SBD
Stanley Black & Decker

Development of a corporate simulation, implementation of the corporate training program for top and middle management.

Simformer best of e-learning
Simformer Great User Experience
Simformer Quality Innovation

Simformer Startup Challenge

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