Student contests and competitions in the business simulation

Traditionally, the goal of student contests or competitions has been to identify the most talented students, to spark their interest in scientific research or other academic subjects. It is the perfect time to add new, practical value to student competitions. Now, we can evaluate student knowledge not only through standardized testing but also by evaluating whether students are able to apply the acquired theoretical knowledge in practice.

Simformer offers a business simulation-based platform for conducting contests and competitions in various economics, management, or entrepreneurship-related subjects. Participants receive a unique chance to launch a successful start-up, for example, or lead a company out of crisis. Although it all takes place in a virtual world, participants are nevertheless faced with real-world obstacles and challenges such as tight time and resource constraints, and the necessity to cooperate and compete, analyze, and take risks.

Multiuser business simulation

1 000 000 registered users
50 000 active players

Simformer marketplace

20+ industries
200+ products and services

Key business processes

All key business processes

The Simformer platform simulates all current processes and trends occurring throughout the retail, manufacturing, trade, service, agriculture, and mining sectors as well as in the fields of medicine and science.

Educators can create student contests and competitions in business strategy, marketing, finance, HR, logistics, sales, etc.

The Simformer business simulation allows:

  • Conducting individual and team competitions.
  • Organizing local and international tournaments.
  • Providing or combining online and onsite formats.
  • Setting flexible time frames (from 1 day to several months).

By using the Simformer Business Simulation, the stress normally present during standardized testing can be replaced with engaging gameplay dynamics. Player assessment and winner selection are fully automated, thus providing maximum objectivity.

Possible formats:

  • Online, onsite, or blended formats of contests and completions.
  • Durations range from several hours to several months.

 The participants will acquire access to:

  • SBS, customized by the instructor with the help of developer tools,
  • Learning materials and tests are uploaded to the Simformer LMS by a course instructor.

The Simformer platform provides a wide range of possibilities for contest organizers. It allows for the:

Use of a student activity monitoring system in SBS;

Regular updating of user ratings based on the companies’ key financial indicators.

Customizing SBS using developer tools:

  • Starter templates that enable the configuration of initial conditions for business simulations depending on the course goals. It is possible to use either the existing template or create a new one together with Simformer experts.
  • Global settings allow the selection of geographical locations (from a small town to the whole world), the type of enterprises (among the choice of 25+ industries), and user communication tools (either within the group or with all the SBS users).
  • Independent suppliers allow the creation of various market scenarios for students by way of regulating the prices, the quality, and the amounts of products.

Uploading educational content to a powerful LMS – Moodle, which:

  • is connected to the business simulation’s SBS and developer tools,
  • allows uploading video, audio, text materials, and tеsts,
  • supports SCORM,
  • ensures online communication between students and instructors, 
  • has a student activity tracking system, (when uploading standard tests and surveys to the LMS),
  • transitions from LMS to SBS with one click. 

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