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Online Internship for students

Effective, safe, fun!
For those who specialize in – Economics, Management, Entrepreneurship

During the pandemic, many students and universities experience issues of undergoing traditional internships in real enterprises.

SSimformer platform is launching a special online internship program for students of the faculties of economics, management and entrepreneurship.

The internship program will take place in realistic online business simulation. Within this virtual environment students will manage their own businesses, master management skills, and apply in practice knowledge gained at the university in economics and business management.

How does it work?

Students will gain access to a special online business simulation “Online Internship”.

For 30 days, the student manages his virtual company in a simulation.

Students have to choose of one of 4 scenarios, as they create their virtual companies in business simulation

Why is an online business simulator more effective than a traditional internship?

In real life, not a single company will entrust an intern student with managing business processes that are really important. Business simulation provides an opportunity for students to work as top managers of the company, make responsible and complex managerial decisions, and learn from their mistakes.

And in a pandemic, the opportunity for students to practice online becomes especially relevant and important.

What does a student get after completing an online practice?

Systemic knowledge and skills in business management

Report of the results their company achieved during practical training in business simulation, certified by Simformer
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Certificate of completion of “Online Internship” by Simformer
We recommend that after the completion of the course, students should make a short video presentation for their teacher, with an analysis of chosen strategy, key management decisions and the results obtained.

I am a student. Will I get credit for practice if I go through it online in a business simulation?

Different universities have different formal rules, requirements and restrictions for students to complete internships. But now, during a pandemic, many universities are trying to provide their students with new, most secure, effective and practical distance learning formats. If you are a student and want to complete a internship online in the Simformer business simulation, we recommend that you share this information with your teacher, provide this link and clarify whether this format of practice is acceptable.

How can I access an online student internship?

Option 1

Student acquires access independently


Option 2

University acquires a package of licenses for its students

License package for 10 students

License package for 50 students

License package for 100 students

Have questions? Feel free to ask.