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We invite training companies, educators and webmasters to cooperate.

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If you are a training or a consulting company, reseller or software distributor and may be on the look-out for business-grade innovative learning solutions that add new revenue channels to your company. Collaborating with SIMFORMER could be a great move forward for you if you are focused on your clients’ demands and issues.



Simformer is an unparalleled solution in the education market. We are expanding possibilities for the authors of courses, training, and educational programs. You will be able to supplement your content with business simulations, link theory to practice, use Simformer’s platform to create your own products accessible 24/7, and receive royalties and course instructor compensation.



A successful training today is not only a charismatic coach and interesting materials, but also a workshop on the application of acquired skills in conditions close to today’s realities of business. In this context, Simformer’s platform is an ideal tool for achieving a new level in educational programs, creating competitive advantages for training companies.



Offer your students the opportunity to apply acquired knowledge through practical assignments: creating and developing enterprises in dozens of industries. Make Simformer Business Simulation part of their course. Simformer’s solutions make your courses very practical, get students excited about gamified material, as well as save you time and effort.



Affiliate marketing is a type of online marketing based on CPA (cost per action) revenue share model. Simformer affiliate program is designated for webmasters who are willing to monetize their audience. We offer competitive and

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