Partnership for Educators

Today’s marketplace requires education that is flexible, interactive, and as practical as possible. Platform Simformer Business Simulation (SBS) provides a unique opportunity to put knowledge into appropriate practice in various fields of business and technology. Provide your students with the opportunity to apply to practice the knowledge gained from you, by creating and developing enterprises in dozens of industries. Make Simformer Business Simulation part of your course.

Our solutions will make your training more practical as well as increase student participation and engagement via gamification. Use our Learning Management System to automatically monitor the progress of your students, divide them into groups, give assignments and monitor their implementation. Your newfound free time and creative energy can always be used to develop new courses, which you can offer to a global audience via Simformer Marketplace.

We aim to offer best practices in education globally. That is why we have put together a learning management system, a unique, multi-user business environment, and a simulation platform for the promotion of training courses and workshops worldwide.

We invite teachers and educators who are ready to contribute something new in pedagogy.

Simformer experts have vast experience in the implementation of emerging educational technologies in the academic sector and will be happy to provide you with all the necessary assistance.

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