Corporate business games

Business games are the most natural form of training.

Corporate business games allow the transfer of acquired knowledge and skills as conveniently as participants are willing to accept them.

Meaningful, serious games break monotonous routines, help players memorize important information, repeat, consolidate, and assimilate facts, while the element of competitiveness creates a special emotional atmosphere, stimulating the desire to achieve the best possible result.

Multiuser business simulation

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50 000 active players

Simformer marketplace

20+ industries
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Key business processes

All key business processes

Simformer’s business games encourage competition.

Often, it is necessary not only to compete with a familiar opponent but also with tens of thousands of players worldwide.

Simformer’s experts create game dynamics aimed at the formation of strategic thinking and a systematic approach to problem-solving. In addition, they evaluate the ability to think outside the box and make effective decisions under time constraints.

Our game scenarios effectively develop leadership, communication, crisis management, and team-building skills. Players are exposed to gameplay conditions that stimulate their creativity, stress resistance, and teamwork. Simformer’s business game environment allows employees to develop a range of soft skills while providing player assessment data to HR managers.

Simformer’s business games offer a variety of business processes and functions such as goal setting, strategic and operational management, HR, marketing, production, sales, logistics, and more.

The duration of games can vary from one day to several months, performed online, on-site, or in a combined format. We can offer you out-of-the-box solutions and create custom games as requested.

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