About Simformer business simulations

Sergei Menshikov

Founder & CEO

Simformer’s founder and visionary with over 15 years of experience in the management of global high-tech companies, two of which have become leaders in their markets. Sergey’s main interest is the projects, which involve combining various technologies, resulting in new trans-sectoral synergies; as well as businesses that change market landscape and create new markets. His favorite field of business management is change management.

Simformer founder

Simformer is an unparalleled platform

We have created not only a powerful, multi-user business simulation environment, but also a platform that is fundamentally changing the current approach to business education.

We make learning more effective and practical.

Our story is about making business education a fascinating process from a school bench to a corporate university.

Our goals are to bring closer theory to practice, knowledge to skill, abstract formulas and definitions to real life. We hear complaints that the modern education system doesn’t keep up with the requirements of today’s businesses. We strive to eliminate this skills gap, to provide employees at all levels with skills that can be applied in any business environment, to help new entrepreneurs avoid common mistakes and be more effective at business development.

We unite the modern education system with a unique, multi-user business-simulation environment with flexible settings for courses and training programs.

Educators, instructors and corporate trainers have an opportunity to expand their technology tools, as well as promote their products through Simformer Marketplace.

Multi-user business environment Simformer Business Simulation (SBS) , where real business processes are simulated, allows users to try daring ideas ranging from interactive school activities to corporate events.

We can “place” a company into SBS, and the company management will get a chance to test new products and services, innovative management methods, as well as evaluate employee strengths and weaknesses to identify and develop new leaders.

Our team offers a rare fusion of capabilities in the fields of educational technology, game design, business development, HR, and design and development of complex computer systems.

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