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Simformer is an unparalleled project. We have created not only a powerful, multi-user business-simulation environment, but also a platform that is fundamentally changing the current approach to business education.

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Simformer Overview #1
Simformer Overview
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Simformer Overview For Corporations
Simformer Overview For Corporations
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Simformer Overview For Academia
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Simformer Overview For Course Developers
What is Simformer


Simformer Business Simulation offers trainers the opportunity to take a new look at their existing offerings. Built-in development tools and advanced simulation functionality allows trainers to create their own training programs for a variety of skills and competencies.

Simformer Business Simulation User Guide
Simformer Business Simulation Business Games Development Guide
Simformer Business Simulation Corporate Training Development Guide
Simformer Business Simulation educational Courses Development Guide


Simformer offers perfect platform for conducting contests and competitions in various economics or management related subjects. Participants receive unique chance to launch a successful start-up business, for example, or lead the company out of crisis. Although it all takes place in a virtual world, participants are nevertheless faced with real-world obstacles and challenges such as, tight time and resources constrains, the necessity to cooperate and compete, analyze and take risks.

SIMFORMER Management Cup
SIMFORMER Lean Startup
SIMFORMER Cases For Business and Academia


Partner Materials

SIMFORMER is always open to building new partnerships and developing a strong and productive regional business network. We are capable to address customer demands in many fields, providing both corporate and academic clients with customized game scenarios in Simulated Business Environment.

SIMFORMER Regional Partnership Program provides You with the powerful simulation platform that can address any customers' demands in a field of business games and training.


Simformer Overview
Simformer Platform Overview
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Video guide for simfomer business simulation

Tutorial Intro
0 SBS Tutorials Retail Trade
1 SBS Tutorials Retail Trade Market Analysis
2 SBS Tutorials Retail Trade Product
3 SBS Tutorials Retail Trade Price
4 SBS Tutorials Retail Trade Place
5 SBS Tutorials Retail Trade People
6 SBS Tutorials Retail Trade Promotion
7 SBS Tutorials Retail Trade Client
8 SBS Tutorials Retail Trade Performance Reports
9 SBS Tutorials Retail Trade Efficiency and Innovations
Simformer Business Simulation: Mining and production