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The training services market is very competitive. A successful service provider needs to offer a product providing the most rapid transformation of new knowledge into everyday practice.

A successful training today is not only a charismatic coach and interesting materials, but also a workshop on the application of acquired skills in conditions close to today’s realities of business. In this context, Simformer’s platform is an ideal tool for achieving a new level in educational programs, creating competitive advantages for training companies.

Our platform will elevate your educational program to a new level, as well as provide a significant competitive advantage for training companies.

Simformer — an innovative platform for education, training and personnel assessment based on the Simformer Business Simulation (SBS).

The Simformer Business Simulation platform (SBS) simulates typical business processes, functions, and macro factors. SBS is a virtual economic world with 20 industries and 140 types of businesses located in more than 100 cities in 20 countries. More than 50,000 active users and 9 years of work on improving the operating conditions of the simulation have resulted in a virtual economy extremely close to reality. The evaluation of candidates and personnel, the implementation of training programs, business games, and strategy sessions, the testing of business strategies … are some of the tasks that can be solved by SBS.

We are ready to:

  • teach you how to work with SBS,
  • perform an examination of ready training programs for implementation SBS in them,
  • place your course into Knowledge Management System (MOODLE),
  • provide comprehensive support at all stages of your course development.

You will get an opportunity to:

  • create and implement business games and training on the Simformer Business Simulation platform;
  • teach in the 24/7 format, regardless of geolocation;
  • organise corporate training programs;
  • evaluate participants;
  • receive data for personnel reserve creation;
  • expand the audience, exposing your courses in our Web-Shop.

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