Two innovative educational platforms are joining forces

Two educational platforms and, known for creating unconventional learning solutions, have joined their forces.

Coursmos, an online micro-learning platform focuses on placing and promoting very short learning courses aimed at the generation that was brought up in the era of distractions. According to Youtube views data, the most popular videos are those, which last only 1 – 3 minutes, therefore Coursmos is focused on this particular format. This format gives the opportunity to learn whenever you have time: while having a cup of coffee, being stuck in a traffic jam, waiting for your food at the café, etc. Just like Simformer platform, Coursmos puts special focus on providing practice-oriented learning to its users.

Coursmos was first launched as a mobile application in September, 2013, and in March, 2014 the company became a fully functioning platform, which currently has about 50 000 uploaded video lessons, that make up 11 000 learning courses, and more than half a million of registered users.

Currently, there are two game-based practice-oriented Simformer courses on They are a crisis management course «Corporation in Distress Intensive», which is aimed at developing skills in strategic management, analytical thinking, and systematic approach to business management in stressful conditions. A learning program «Production Line» is an unconventional solution for school and university students in terms of career development and for those, who are interested in learning about the business from within. This courses contains lectures on basic stages in production management from supply purchase to selling the finished goods.

Simformer educational platform was launched the same year as Coursmos, in 2014. The core of Simformer solutions is Simformer Business Simulation, a multi-user online business simulation environment, which has been a part of online strategy games market since 2006. Currently it has more than 1 million registered users worldwide. The simulation has a competitive community of participants, which allows users to model business process similar to the authentic ones, thus developing their skills in business and applying them in practice in business simulation environment. At the moment, Simformer has a number of implemented projects in corporate sector as well as academic sector, and is looking forward to collaborating with learning content developers.

Sergey Menshikov, Founder and CEO of Simformer educational platform: A collaboration with Coursmos is not our first time integrating with MOOC platforms. Last year we started working with ApnaCourse, India’s answer to We continue looking for partners among educational platforms, as we think this field has a very good development potential. With Coursmos team we share common understanding that education system, be it academic or corporate, lacks innovative and practice-oriented knowledge management methods and tools, and we aspire to fill that void.

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