Young Entrepreneurs Club (Moldova) & Simformer Business Simulation – First Experience

Olga Kolesnikova

Ms. Olga Colesnicova is a business trainer who puts a special focus on developing practical skills though business games and other practical cases. She has over 20 years of experience in marketing and sales of complex technology solutions. She is a certified business trainer with more than 8 years of training experience; the author of more than 20 interactive programs aimed at developing practical business skills. She has participated in international exchange programs in Germany, Austria, Italy, The UK, Greece, Spain, Romania, Poland, etc. More information about Ms. Olga Kolesnicova can be found on

On 19 March, 2016 Young Entrepreneurs Club (KMB) in Moldova organized the first practical management training in Simformer Business Simulation environment.

A total of 6 teams (15 participants) were leading their virtual companies out of financial crisis. The participants had a lot of fun working in the simulation environment, and only one team was unsuccessful: their virtual company went bankrupt. Based on their results, we were able to analyze the mistakes that were made. Their biggest misstep was that they overspent on marketing campaign, which eventually brought their company down. The most successful company was the one, managed by the employees of Young Entrepreneurs Club. That way they were able to grasp the idea of how Simformer business simulation works.

All participants were actively engaged in working in the simulation. They all agreed that this method of managent training is very helpful for real business ventures. The business simulation gives the opportunity to see the results of any business move in the areas of marketing, adversitising, sales, price setting, logics and HR. The participants were impressed by this opportunity, and said they would simulate their real business strategies in Simformer Business Simulation.

Olga Colesnikova «As a business trainer, I always put a special focus on the practical part of all my training sessions. I am sure that the participants can develop necessary skills and gain the required knowledge only by performing practical assignments. That is why I always create my own training games and simulations as well as look for such methods online.
Simformer is definitely the most important practical tool for management training. In the future I am planning to create my own scenarios using Simformer business simulation; Simformer provides a wonderful opportunity to help participants try out and implement various business strategies in a risk-free environment»

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