Where can we learn how to run a manufacturing business?

It is considered common knowledge that you can find anything on Google nowadays. We decided “to google” the lectures on managing huge manufacturing corporations. The search results were very surprising yet not unexpected: educational institutions and textbooks were among the main sources for our search request. 

But what if you are no longer a student and you left this phase behind you? Or, perhaps, you are still a student, but you want to know how it feel to be a manager of a steel factory? And how one should gain valuable experience of managing a manufacturing corporation, when he or she is just a logistics manager or a safety security manager?

Simformer online business games Motor Cycle and Heavy Steel are a unique opportunity to learn what mechanical engineering is. You will have to run steel factories, engineering enterprises and research laboratories. You will go the whole way from manufacturing steel to selling the finished product. You will encounter the need to diversify your business in what can be viewed as an unexpected way from the first glance. You will manage hundreds of people, dozens of pieces of equipment, and engage in technology development. You will have millions in virtual currency that you will want to use effectively. And, perhaps, it is not possible to transmit the real heat and the roar of presses, you will appreciate the realistic “feel” of the market. It is not enough to produce a good product, it is important to sell it profitably as well.

Business game Motor Cycle is a quest of how to produce a motorcycle. It is a perfect opportunity to form and develop practical skills necessary for managing a number of enterprises. The corporation includes a mining plant, chemical and rubber factory, two engineering enterprises, as well as the construction and sales department. The goal is to maintain and expand the business. The player will have to solve a lot of problems: from utilizing ultimate capacity, planning of the cash flow, analyzing the market to creating entirely new business units. At one point, you will realize that you reached the point, when the technological level of your enterprises does not allow you to continue developing your business. And just at this point the game tips will help you overcome this difficult situation.

A case study Heavy Steel is a unique opportunity to experience the manufacturing business. You will work with a steel industry and engineering industry. The overall success will depend on the production processes, supply of raw materials, pricing, human resources, research and development – all the processes that are essential in such a prominent and important business. The complexity of this game is that, like in the real market, the newcomer may face the lack of demand for certain products. A new supplier is a threat for older players. In order to cope with that, a new player will need to make a non-standard move, which is hinted in the game. The economic simulation models the realities of markets, providing the chance to learn in a risk-free environment. But thought-provoking hard work and a share of adrenaline is guaranteed.

You can choose the intensity and dynamics of the game. The classic variant of the game lasts for 30 days. You will have enough time to analyze, come up with certain decisions and perform certain actions in the simulation; all changes will happen only once per day. But if you wish to challenge yourself, an intensive variant of the game will be just what you want! You will be able to see the results of all your actions in the game every hour! The choice is up to you.

Simformer business games – are a unique opportunity to put your skills to test, improve your knowledge and skills and make a step towards success.

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