Startup SIMFORMER introduces in the U.S. a unique educational platform

SIMFORMER presented at the 2015 Serious Play Conference (July 21-23, Pittsburgh, PA)  Simformer Business Simulation (SBS) – the first and only platform in the world unifying online courses with business simulations 24/7.

 This year’s event was hosted by Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center and attended by over 200 people including representatives from Ford Motor Company, Raytheon, Deloitte, and the U.S. Dept. of Education.  The focus of the event was on exploring the opportunities, challenges, and potential of “serious” games.  Among the speakers were representatives of IBM, Schell Games, Carnegie Learning, and Simcoach Games. 

“At this, significant for the entire education sector, conference we will demonstrate how teachers integrate SBS into courses, HR specialists use it in individual or group training sessions, developers and instructors build custom training programs, courses and games based on SBS “ said Kaspars Roze , global head of business development of Simformer. “We have eliminated the typical barriers found in today’s business simulations, and considered what was important to industry participants. There is a need for an open platform where business simulations can be integrated into education 24/7.”

SIMFORMER (established in 2013) was one of the sponsors of the conference. The company’s main focus is the continuous development and implementation of a new generation, educational, and practical skill-oriented online platform based on business simulations.  The platform is open to course developers, business trainers, and teachers who are now able to create unique educational products aimed at the development of skills, as well as provide simulation based training, which is proven to add to learning retention based on experience rather than theory. Currently, there are over 200 companies and universities in SIMFORMER’s portfolio of client inquiries. By the end of the year SIMFORMER plans to increase this number to 500, as well as expand the range of ready-made, based on SBS, group and individual courses and training programs for B2B and B2C.

We believe it is important that our company is participating at the world’s largest conference on the subject of serious games. Our task today is to show a solution that is unique in today’s educational market. The main advantage of the product is the ability to provide not only the transfer of knowledge, but also the development of practical business management skills “- said Sergey Menschikov, founder and CEO of SIMFORMER. ” In the coming year we want to present the project to all the important educational conferences to maximize interest from industry participants” added Menschikov.

SIMFORMER is based on an internally developed multi-user business ecosystem Simformer Business Simulation (SBS). It is one of the largest business simulations in the world that simulates typical business processes, functions, as well as macro factors. To date, there are approximately 1.5 million registered users worldwide. SIMFORMER’s customer care, marketing, ICT, and business development teams are located in Mount Kisco, New York, Vilnius, Lithuania, and Moscow, Russia. 

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