Simformer presents a sensational tool, that will highly benefit teachers and their students

Everyone one of us learns at a different pace. This is a huge issue, when there’s a fixed amount of time dedicated to each subject. Some students manage to dominate, while others fail to understand even the basic principles of new materials. Obviously a lecturer isn’t able to spend enough time with each student in a group and provide them with personalised approach. This is why, some people always end up as underachievers.

The bright future of education has been discussed for quite a while now. “Google” has invested and partnered up with “Khan academy” – a group of people, that’s been teaching individuals worldwide using viral “Youtube” videos paired with various tasks and questions. The basis of their method is to provide great materials, test people immediately upon reaching a predetermined milestone and to provide an infrastructure for people to help each other.

Many world famous universities like “Berkeley”, “Stanford” etc. have filmed and released all of their lectures to the public. So instead of keeping the best education available to the exclusive group of people – they have made it possible for everyone with an internet connection to learn from it. We, as a society, are taking a big step to free information, free education and their full availability. People will pay for education, only if you will manage to provide it in a way, that will greatly improve it’s embezzlement.

So what about your students? Not every student has a possibility to test their freshly acquired knowledge immediately upon learning. And even if they could, would they? And if they do decide to try – will they manage to do it properly? These questions are hard to answer. 

Having developed Virtonomics, our concentration has shifted to a new errand – we have to provide lecturers with a tool, that would compliment the theoretical part. Provide lecturer a possibility to educate students step by step – with real life examples, giving them homework assignments, role playing challenges, or live demonstration during the class. This is how a “Coach account” was born. 

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