Simformer is joining Global Collaboration Day

Students, teachers, and organizations will join together online to celebrate and demonstrate global collaboration on September 17, 2015. On Global Collaboration Day, educators and professionals from around the world will host connective projects and events and invite public participation.

Simformer is joining Global Collaboration Day and is organizing two webinars for students, teachers, academics, trainers and corporate professionals around the world to show the possibilities and features of Simformer innovative platform, to share the experience and to answer the questions from paticipants which they might have.

Training and education based on Simformer Business Simulation

The first webinar is organized on September 17, 14:00 UTC. During this seminar you will learn more about business simulations, their use in academic and corporate environments, and how to use Simformer platform to create your own business simulations.  The main topics which will be covered during one hour webinar:

– The need for integration of business simulations into the processes of education and training.
– Brief introduction: serious games, gamification, business simulations.
– Simformer Business Simulation (SBS) – next generation business simulation.
– SBS in academic environment: integrating SBS into a long term academic course (based on a case of “Quality Management” course taught in Vilnius University).
– SBS in corporate environment: organizing a short-term corporate training (based on the case of a business game “Corporation in Financial Distress” played at UniCredit Bank, Bucharest).
– Simformer: Use business simulations to teach, train, and assess your employees.
Webinar is free of charge but registration is required.

Date and Time: 09/17/2015 14:00 UTC (09/17/2015 10:00 EDT)

Simformer business game: Production Line

The second webinar will be interactive workshop. It will be held on September 17, 17:00 UTC. The duration of the webinar is approx. 3 hours. Purpose of this game is to learn the basics of business from the perspective of product manufacturing company. Players will learn how various raw materials are chosen and formed into final product, how to analyze the competitive market and the rules of price setting. The participants are asked to manage freshly backed production companies. In the process of the game, participants will have to:

– Manage all basic business processes of new manufacturing subsidiaries – supplies, HR, equipment.
– Manage production and quality of the final product.
– Analyze the competitive market and choose the right price for their production.
– Optimize and increase the scale of their business.
registration is necessary in order to participate in this free workshop.

Date and Time: 09/17/2015 17:00 UTC (09/17/2015 13:00 EDT)

Both webinars are held by Minvydas Latauskas, Head of Product Development, Simformer.

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