Simformer is expanding the network of regional partners

Two months ago Simformer educational platform introduced its Partnership Program for regional training and consulting companies.

This international partnership program is aimed at directing the attention of training specialists both from corporate and academic sectors to innovative educational tools in economics and business management related disciplines.

Our main goal is that students, entrepreneurs and managers would be able to quickly and effectively develop their practical skills in business, HR, strategic and tactic management, marketing, finance, and logistics. That can be easily achieved thanks to our virtual business simulation environment for practice-oriented learning, which models all key functions and processes of a real enterprise.

Simformer is willing to collaborate university lectures, business trainers and consultants, training and consulting companies, software resellers and distributors, who wish to offer their clients unique and effective solutions – online courses, training sessions, and business games, which are based on business simulation engine.

Apart from financial benefits, Simformer partnership offers other important competition advantages: partners will have the opportunity to work with innovative educational products and help promote best practices in education worldwide.

Gamified teaching methods has become an accelerating trend in academic and corporate education. Simformer offers a wide range of gamified teaching and learning tools: from ready-made game scenarios to methodological materials and expert support when it comes to developing customized programs and courses.

We have developed and uploaded a special course for partners, which contains a lot of information about gamification and simulation- based learning.

In two months since launching our partnership program, we have started collaborating with four partners from Africa, South America, Eastern and Western Europe. Currently, we are in the process of preparing contracts for 8 training companies from India, the USA, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Singapore, Brazil, and UAE. , founded by Olga Kolesnikova, a business trainer and consultant, has become our regional partner in Moldova. Experienced in course development and business training, Ms. Kolesnikova moderated the game «Corporation in Distress» for Young Entrepreneurs Club in Kishinev. The course was a great success, and she continues actively working with Simformer solutions.

She considers practicing in virtual business simulation the main part of her training sessions: Simformer business games are my go-to tools for teaching business. In future I am planning to develop my own gamified courses using Simformer Business Simulation, since it provides learners hands-on solutions to acquire and evaluate their skills and strategies.

Van Poppel Consultancy, founded by Bas Van Poppel, is a representative of Simformer educational platform in the Netherlands. The company was launched in 2005 and is currently experiencing its re-birth. Van Poppel Consultancy is an innovative company, a professional network of specialists, trainers, psychologists, who work together on various projects. The main activity of the company are projects in change management; they assist companies, which introduce changes or innovations to their activities, to adapt to those changes in an easy and cost-effective way. Simulation-based Simformer solutions have become a vital tool in implementing company’s goals.

Alma Service Lda has become one of Simformer partners in Angola. The company was crucial in introducing Simformer solutions to Universidade Lusíada de Angola, one of the biggest universities in the country. This project is very important for both parties, since it will provide Angola students with opportunities that were not available before due to financial difficulties in the country. They will be able to develop their practical skills in business management without having to leave the classroom. The costs of introducing the interactive course based on Simformer Business Simulation to the study process of the university are reasonable, which that allows any region of the world to use education funds efficiently. Collaboration with Universidade Lusíada de Angola was an incentive for localizing business simulation into Portuguese language.

We have been collaborating with our Colombian partner Juegos Gerenciales Colombia since July, 2016. High education is highly valued by Colombian population, and 50% of all students choose to study in private education institutions. This fact makes it fairly easy to introduce innovations into the study processes, since private educational intuitions have less restrictions regarding their financial resources than public educational institutions do. In recent years, there have been complaints about the quality of high education, as it provides only the minimum required level of knowledge, grounding it on the lack of qualified teachers. Applying Simformer solutions as a practical component of training courses in economics and management disciplines makes it possible to increase the efficiency of courses and reduce the time that teachers spend on preparing for classes, thus giving them the opportunity to improve their professionalism. Juegos Gerenciales’ connections with leading universities in the country and experience in the field of gaming solutions will make Simformer attractive not only to the academic, but to the corporate sector as well. Currently, our specialists are providing training for the partners at Juegos Gerenciales Colombia.

In August our partners made their first sales of Simformer solutions. The fact that they were able to sell the solutions so quickly proves that there is a strong demand for Simformer simulations in various regions.

If you are a training or consulting company, software reseller or distributor in search of innovative solutions regarding corporate education and employee assessment, Simformer Regional Partnership Program is exactly what you have been looking for!

Working with SIMFORMER can help you go extra mile in serving your clients.


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