Simformer helps UniCredit managers test their skills

On June 25-26, 2015 at the headquarters of UniCredit Group’s Tiriac Bank in Bucharest, Romania, members of two senior management teams challenged one another and themselves in a business game “Corporation in Financial Distress“ played in a virtual environment provided by Simformer – a new leader in simulations for business and education.

 A team of trained Simformer specialists: Head of Educational Programs Dr. Andrei Fedorov, Head of Product Development Minvydas Latauskas, and Key Account Manager Adelina Nalivaikaite-Karelidze moderated the game and provided player guidance and support.

24 managers had to make quick and efficient decisions, as they were given only 6 hours to bring their companies back to profitability.  There were two game situations: Team (June 25) and Individual (June 26).

Business game “Corporation in Financial distress” provided a challenging scenario for both the team and individual players who were tasked with management of their financially troubled businesses.  The simulation also provided opportunities for testing of essential business skills, including decision- making, prioritizing, strategical thinking, teambuilding and leadership.

Training and new skill development was the additional purpose of the game. UniCredit’s HR specialists received comprehensive player performance reports for employee assessment. The participants had to adapt to a rapidly changing business environment and find a needed solution during intensive gameplay conditions. The virtual economy of Simformer Business Simulation provided an unpredictable and fluctuating business environment.

After two days of rigorous gameplay, decision making and analysis, both the teams of top regional managers successfully brought their companies back to profitability in “Corporation in Financial Distress”.

Dr. Andrei Fedorov comments: “It was amazing how open and active the participants were. Even though they had to face managerial tasks from a completely different background. That only serves to shows how high the level of competence and professionalism in management can be found in UniCredit Tiriac Bank.”

Minvydas Latauskas agrees: “Spectacular stress resistance and level of involvement. No matter how hard it was, they managed to cope and stay focused and face challenges with a smile. Even though it was new environment and huge amount of data to process, the participants did not stop and kept on moving. It’s a rear opportunity to have such talented and professional participants.”

Adelina Nalivaikaite-Karelidze confirms: “During both the group and individual games, participants were extremely organized, analytical, and fast learning leaders. It was a pleasure to work with such individuals and observe the way they created their strategies for the following rounds from very beginning, asking the right questions, seeking knowledge, and sharing it among each other. The best part was when a team or a member made a mistake, which led them to a huge loss, and how, after careful analysis, they managed to correct their mistakes and win the round or the whole game.”

 Participants from both the teams were eager to share their positive feedback:

“I want to thank Simformer team for this wonderful course, it was an extremely beneficial experience for me both, as a human and as a manager!”

“This learning experience was more than OK because it was different, I was expecting something else and I was very surprised by such high level of organization and knowledge from the moderators.”

“Really great learning experience and I will dare to challenge myself with a long period Business Simulation – just to continue the good starting point.”

UniCredit Tiriac Bank and Simformer are looking forward to developing a partnership to incorporate Simformer’s business games and training courses into UniCredit’s employee learning and development programs.


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