Simformer educational platform organizes a Management Cup 2016 in Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Simformer educational platform in collaboration with Euroconsulting company organizes a Management Cup 2016 in Vinnitsa, Ukraine.

Simformer innovative platform for business simulations is one of the main organizers of a Management Cup 2016, which will take place in Vinnitsa, Ukraine.

Management Cup is an unrivaled competition developed specifically for managers, entrepreneurs and other business professionals. The competition will be hosted onsite, using Simformer Business Simulation environment, which was selected by Elearning! Magazine in 2016 as the most innovative educational tool for developing entrepreneurial and management skills.

The groups of participants will be given a big corporation made up of various business units. The corporation is faced with financial difficulties. The participants will have to work together as a unified team to lead the struggling corporation out of financial crisis. During the event the participants will have to make vital decisions in the area of marketing, sales, procurement, production, HR management, finances, and logistics to achieve the set goals.

The competition offers a lot of benefits for participating companies. The Management Cup is a perfect tool for developing participants’ management and collaboration skills, identifying the best employees for promotion, testing various strategies in a risk-free virtual environment, and last but not least winning prize money.

Please visit for more information on participation and registration.

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