Simformer Business Simulation was presented in Edinburgh

At the end of September, the representative of Simformer participated in a two day event in Edinburgh. The event was initiated by iSpace, a well- known company and Simformer’s partner from Poland. The goal of the event was to gather  participants  with academic background and test the impact of innovation on education industry.

On the 23rd, the virtual environment of Simformer Business Simulation was presented to the  participants from Polish universities. They had a chance to play “Corporation in Distress” a business game, which was moderated by Minvydas Latauskas, a Head of Product Development at Simformer.

The main goal of the game was to test participants’ abilities to make effective decisions within tight time  constraints, the ability to think outside the box, as well as the skills in the field of crisis management and systematic approach. The participants had to lead their virtual companies out of crisis and stabilize business processes. The battle was fierce but fair, and the winner was identified only at the end of the game!

On the 24th of September, the participants were involved in a different type of battle – a discussion on the topic of gamification and simulations. Participants argued about the role of gamification and simulations in education. Furthermore, they discussed  the possibility to use Simformer Platform for developing  new generation educational products and their impact on education. At the end of the discussion  the participants came to an agreement that Simformer is the best solution for practice-oriented learning  with business simulations.

After the event, Simformer received  very positive feedback on the game and its maintenance from the organizers and the participants of the event.

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