Simformer Business Cup 2016 – The Winners

Simformer team is excited to announce the winners of Simformer Business Cup 2016, an international online management contest!

Professional League

Diana Corporation team (University of Craiova, Romania) has become the absolute winners of Simformer Business Cup 2016 Professional League. They were able to outperform other contestants in four nominations: «Maximum Revenue», «Maximum Profit», «Maximum Assets», and «Maximum Performance Indicator».

The members of the Simformer Business Cup 2016 winning team. (Professional League):

University of Craiova Team
  • Diana Bobaru (team captain),
  • Cristina Raicu,
  • Gabriela Tudo,
  • Gabrial Pungaru,
  • Adrien Voicu,
  • Ion Renghea.

Team supervisor – Silvia Puiu (University of Craiova)

Diana Corporation were in the lead from the beginning of the contest. The team came in second during the 1st (elimination) Stage, where they achieved impressive results in all of the nominations. In the second stage, they were able to improve their results even more and become the ultimate leaders of the contest. The team chose a different strategy this time: they decided to take risks and opened a wider range of different business units. They successfully tested the theory of “not putting all eggs in one basket”. The effective game strategy and collaborative team work help the team Diana Corporation win the contest.

Denis Miscisin (Moldova) won the second place in the Professional League. His virtual company ASEM Wave achieved the second best results in all nominations. During all two stages of the contest, Denis competed with other teams as a solo player. Although he played individually, Denis was a very strong and serious competition to the contestants who played in teams. He was the winner in the 1st Stage of the contest. In the 2nd Stage he managed his virtual company according to the vertical integration model, which made it very prolific. This strategy helped him achieve remarkable results in the 2nd Stage.

Ztech team – the joint team of Zhitomir State University and Zhitomir Technical State University (Ukraine) won the third place in the contest in «Maximum Revenue» and «Maximum Performance Indicator» nominations.


The team:

  • Maksym Grybovskyi (team captain),
  • Olexiy Bilyachenko,
  • Dmitry Antonyuk.

During the contest 2nd Stage, Ztech team were performing steadily and were among the top 10 participants. Being consistent and poised requires outstanding skills and competencies. The stressful situation and tough competition did not prevent this strong team form winning!

SIMGADAROMADI team (Lithuania) won the third place in «Maximum assets» nomination.

Simgadaromadi Team

The team:

  • Domantas Aleksandravicius (team captain),
  • Daumantas Pocius,
  • Daniele Anilionyte,
  • Karolina Maleckaite,
  • Augustas Nekrosius.

SIMGADAROMADI team showed their full potential in the second half of the 2nd Stage. The participants of this team decided to opt for the balanced management of their business venture, focusing on effective investing.

Amateur League

The Amateur League included the participants who did not make it past or were unable to take part in the 1st Stage of the contest. The contestants of this league were as equally competitive and determined to win as their counterparts in the Professional League. The competition was so intense and fierce, that it did not have any ultimate winners.

The virtual company Gladkiy Invest (The University of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine, Ukraine), led by Jury Gladkiy, won the first place in «Maximum Profit», «Maximum Performance Indicator» nominations and the second place in «Maximum Revenue» nomination. The supervisor of the team was Vladimir Soslovskiy, a lecturer at the University of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine. Jury was the only Amateur Leaugue contestant to finish the contest with a positive profit. His company was in top 5 companies from the beginning of the contest, and became the leader during the last game update!

Molka Trade, led by Dmitro Molka, won the first place in «Maximum Revenue». The supervisor of the team was also Vladimir Soslovskiy. Dmitro was working very hard on generating profit for his company, which eventually helped him win this nomination.

UCV Company (University of Craiova, Romania) won the first place in «Maximum Assets» and the third place in «Maximum Revenue» nominations.

It was obvious from the start that the team is determined to win. Despite not going past the 1st Stage of the contest, UCV Company managed to achieve success in the 2nd Stage.

Team supervisor — Silvia Puiu (The University of Craiova).

The team:

  • Bodae Mircea Catalin (team captain),
  • Alecsa Razvan Mihai,
  • Baragan Andreea Mihaela,
  • Belega Marin Alexandru,
  • Costoiu Manuela Madalina,
  • Jianu Alexandru.
Sanura (Vilnius, Lithuania) won the second place in «Maximum Assets» nomination.

Sanura team’s company almost reached the break-even point level. They improved company’s business processes, and the losses were reduced with each game update.

The team:

  • Martynas Raskauskas (team captain),
  • Migle Radzvilaite,
  • Justinas Narmontas,
  • Mantas Ambroza.
Thousand Sunny Limited (The Netherlands) won the second place in «Maximum Performance Indicator» nomination.

Thousand Sunny Limited were determined to come out victorious during the whole contest. They became the leading team in only 3 game updates and managed to generate substantial profit in 2 game updates. During the last game update, the company’s profit reached 500 000 in virtual currency. The team would have reached even higher results, if they had a little bit more time.

The team:

  • Lorenzo Singodikromo (team captain),
  • Virgil Singodikromo,
  • Michael Brauckmann.
TarakanovaFinance, led by Alena Tarakanova, (The University of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine, Ukraine) won the third place in «Maximum Assets» nomination. Alena paid special focus on managing all business processes in her corporation rationally. The company managed to generate profit several times during the whole contest. Had Alena devised a company growth strategy, she would have more chances to win. The team supervisor – Vladimir Soslovskiy.

Solioniy i kompaniya (The University of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine, Ukraine) won the third place in «Maximum Performance Indicator» nomination.

Solioniy i kompaniya were leading during two game updates, were in top 5 during the whole contest and generated some profit. They learned to manage the expenses effectively, they just needed some extra time to devise a strategy on effective business growth.

The team:

  • Ilya Solioniy (team captain),
  • Daria Kramarenko,
  • Team supervisor – Vladimir Soslovskiy.

«Best Reporter» competition. The winners and runner-ups.

Simformer team wants to thank all the participants who were writing about Simformer Business Cup 2016 in blogs and on social media websites. Due to their creativity and enthusiasm the contest received a lot of exposure. Here are the winners and runner-ups of «Best Reporter» competition:

1. Silvia Puiu

2. Georgeta Maria Ciobanu

3. Silvia Neamtu

4. Lavinia Elena Balan

5. Maracine Andreea-Lavinia

We would also like to express our gratitude to these participants:

  • Bodae Catalin
  • Tirei Alina- Maria
  • Elena-Diana Bobaru
  • Aida Draga
  • Branetu Andrada-Maria

We would like to thank all Simformer Business Cup 2016 participants! Each of you has become a special and unique part of the contest. Simformer Business Simulation is an interactive game, where the contribution of each participant is valuable and irreplaceable. We hope that the contest helped you broaden your horizon and gain new knowledge. We look forward to seeing in Simformer contests in the future!

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