Simformer Business Cup 2016 – an online management challenge, open to register

Starts on 4 march 2016!

Simformer Business Cup – is an international management and entrepreneurship contest in highly intensive format. The contest consist of two stages. Each stage lasts only two days. Hourly game updates. During this period, the contestants have to prove themselves to be competent managers as well as strong fighters, just like successful managers should be in real life.

The contest is held in Simformer Business Simulation, a powerful realistic online business simulations. The key features of this business simulations are a realistic competitive environment and a wide range of management functions and business processes. Partners, customers, suppliers and competitors are not computer-generated, but real players.

Simformer Business Cup spring season consists of two stages:

  • 1 stage — 4-5 March — “Quality and Entrepreneurship” business game
  • 2 stage — 1-2 April — “Corporation in Distress” business game

First stage (eliminatory)

All registered contestants will receive a pre-configured retail company. They will have to:

  • Manage all major business processes of the stores – pricing, advertising, supplies, HR.
  • Analyze the competition and make decisions in terms of price levels and the range of products in each store.
  • Expand their stores and make them the most popular in the region, considering the level education and welfare of the population.
  • Optimize and expand their businesses.

The contestants, who were able to generate positive profit at the end of the game, proceed to the next stage of the contest.

Second stage (the main part)

The contestants will have to lead the corporation, which consists of several subdivisions of different specializations, out of financial crisis.

The main tasks to be solved in the game:

  • perform company analysis,
  • identify weak subdivisions,
  • optimize the operations of weak subdivisions and reach a break-even point,
  • increase the productivity of the rest of company subdivisions,
  • develop and implement a business development plan.

The winners of the contest’s second stage will be selected based on three nominations:

  • Maximum revenue — a virtual company with cumulative revenue at the time of the contest stage completion.
  • Maximum profit — a virtual company with cumulative profit at the time of the contest stage completion.
  • Maximum assets — a virtual company with the biggest number of assets at the time of the contest stage completion.

The contest organizers will award the contestants, who will choose to cover the contest in their internet sources. A special «Best Reporter» award will be given out at the end of the contest.

The winners of Simformer Business Cup will be awarded with valuable prizes from Simformer platform for business simulations.

You can register and learn about the rules of the contest.

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