New ways of management learning in Angola

Simformer educational platform and the faculty of Economics at Universidade Lusíada de Angola have joined their forces in incorporating a practice-oriented Simformer Business Simulation virtual environment into a three-month study program, aimed at teaching students of Economics to launch and develop new businesses. Currently, Simformer is in process of releasing business simulation environment in Portuguese language, specifically for this project. The Portuguese version of the simulation will be available in August, 2016.

Thanks to this unique practice-oriented course, the students Universidade Lusíada de Angola will have the opportunity to develop new businesses in various fields, conduct operations analysis, make strategic and tactic decisions, set and achieve goals. The participants will also be able to interact with thousands of real users around the world, without having to leave the classroom. They will acquire practical skills in management, marketing, financial analysis, human resources management; the students will be given the chance to develop the competencies necessary for administrating and managing a successful business. The implementing of business simulations in the study process will provide new opportunities not only for the students but also for professors and lecturers, who will be able to reinforce students’ theoretical knowledge with practical educational solutions.

New training opportunities for developing highly qualified managers for business sector as well as government institutions are essential to help Angola overcome its economic difficulties. Experts cite the development of infrastructure, improving the efficiency of businesses, reducing import dependence and developing various industries as Angola’s current priorities. These changes are possible only with a new generation of highly qualified managers.

In the country, where, according to UNICEF, general level of literacy is just over 70%, the use of modern solutions for training professionals that do not require huge financial investments is very important.

Universidade Lusíada de Angola has made a significant contribution in the development of higher education in Angola in its 16 years of existence. The university was particularly vocal in modeling student preparation standards in the field of economy and business. Currently, it offers educational programs in nine areas: Architecture, Law, International Relations, Human Resources Management, Economics, Business Administration, Accounting, Computer Science and Psychology.

Joint collaboration between Simformer and Universidade Lusíada de Angola was possible due to the efforts of Alma Service Lda, Simformer partner in Angola.

Sergey Menshikov, the founder and CEO of Simformer educational platform: We hope that this joint project with Universidade Lusíada de Angola will enable us to develop our platform in Portuguese language and build solid coopeartion with Alma Service Lda, our partner in this region. Hopefully, this project will serve as an incentive for other companies, willing to collaborate with us. In addition, the localization of our virtual business environment into Portuguese will help us enter the coveted Brazilian market.

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