International sustainable business development partnership

Simformer educational platform and Oikos, an international student organization, have become strategic partners. The collaboration between Simformer and Oikos is aimed at providing quality training for management specialists worldwide.

Oikos International was founded in 1987 by the students of the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. Their aim was to promote sustainable, ecologically and socially responsible economic development. The name «Oikos» was chosen intentionally. An English prefix-“eco” stems from this Ancient Greek word and became a part of the words such as “economics” and “ecology”, the words, which aptly reflect the concept of the organization.

Currently Oikos Internaional is a prominent organization with offices in more than 40 countries. The organization seeks to strengthen sustainability-oriented entrepreneurship, by directing business management and economics students’ attention to sustainable development issues. Oikos activities include the organization of lectures, conferences, simulation games, field trips, and workshops as well as practice-oriented sustainability projects with a focus on environmental issues in economy and business. The main driving force of the organization are students, graduates, counselors, lecturers and Oikos partners, as well as an international team, which is based in Switzerland.

Simformer educational platform was launched in 2013. The Simformer team is based in Moscow (Russia) and in Vilnius (Lithuania). The most distinctive element of Simformer educational platform is a virtual business simulation (Simformer Business Simulation) environment for practice-oriented online learning. Simformer solutions can be employed in a number of educational events: corporate training, academic courses, and individual courses. An interactive Simformer Business Simulation (SBS) guarantees full student engagement, reduces examination stress and allows teachers and lectures to unleash students’ full potential.

Due to the joint efforts of Oikos and Simformer thousands of students around the world will have the opportunity to improve their skills in sustainable management in multi-user online business simulation.

Sergey Menshchikov, Simformer Founder and CEO: The first step of our collaboration our Summer Internship Program. This program is special in that it offers the participants to practice their management skills in a multi-user virtual environment. They will have the chance to manage small enterprises as well as huge international corporations. The students will have a great opportunity to take on a role of business managers and learn from their mistakes and feel the taste of victory.

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