Enhancing learning with eLearn Hub

eLearn Hub – Why

Simformer is more than happy to present the great strategic partner – www.elearnhub.org which is striving to be a cutting-edge player in the industry.

CONNECTING integrative solutions with elearning.  Giving choice to online program developers and strengthening knowledge based on sound principles.  Ultimately, making it easy to incorporate online training into businesses and connecting through learning communities.

Education helps broaden people’s thinking, helps to break the status quo by giving new opportunities and possibilities to help people make choices and decisions.

Online education helps to connect people across cultures and to understand that people have different ideas and different.

The ultimate overarching aim of connecting by distance online is being able to understand that other people are different and that’s fine.

eLearn Hub VALUES

Honesty – Research and actions are based on knowledge and understanding

Commitment to the belief that all education is vital – this is important and ultimately helps people

Achievement – take a risk, progress and have positive outcomes

Bespoke creativity – developing unique learning solutions

Rebecca OGrady-Marshall, short bio:

Rebecca OGrady-Marshall, eLearn Hub

Taking theory, concept and ideas and creatively integrates in a package to enhance learning.

Rebecca has been involved in education and curriculum design for twelve years, she’s a bit of a geek who likes developing elearning tools and enabling teams to work together in the workplace. Alongside this, Rebecca develops graphics and manipulates images and spends a lot of time playing with different online technologies.

Yes, Rebecca went to university. While living in Bangkok she studied and chatted online to gain a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (tech in edu & online learning), being the geek that she is she also has a Masters in Museum Studies and a Bachelor of Arts.

You can find Rebecca somewhere in NZ, Sydney or South East Asia. You might find her practicing Taekwondo or breathing deeply in a yoga shala. Wherever you find her she’ll be smiling and happy and ready for a chat.

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