Comment of Claudiu CORNOIU from UniCredit Tiriac Bank S.A.

Comment of Claudiu CORNOIU Senior Associate of Training and Learning HR Expertise Center Department, Human Resources Division UniCredit Tiriac Bank S.A. 


«I really enjoyed the way we’ve connected with each other. I found in you Company more than an external provider; you are so smart and an infinite source of inspiration for me. I felt myself very “secure” interacting with you – you’re such a good listeners and you give to the person who’s talking with you the feeling that they’re ok. You just have a wise approach!

What I really found outstanding (observation & interpretation combined):

  • your capacity of connecting the participants;
  • the verticality that characterizes  you: you’re so firm and consistent in your messages and attitude;
  • the ability of dealing with difficult questions or situations arising from the participants: you always looks like you have everything under control;
  • very well organized: with the time, with the agenda, with the materials

 We have summarised the feedback forms by adding the questions for calculating the Net Promoter Score for the training and trainers.

70% of participants would actively recommend your coaches as trainers and 65% of them would actively recommend the training. These are really good scores!»


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