A new approach to retail

How to make sure you have what it takes to open your own business? How to be sure you have the right skills to be the manager of a big retail network? How to be certain that your employees understand what makes your supermarket successful? Or, perhaps, you just wish to know how to make money in retail?

Simformer educational platform provides answers to all these questions by developing a range of online business games, which will immerse the participants in the rich world of retail business.

A unique scenario is developed for each game. The market plays the main role in all those intriguing scenarios.

Premium retail, a business game that gives the chance to manage a retail business in high-income areas. Right from the beginning of the game, the players will have to manage three completely different stores- a supermarket, a green grocery store and an auto salon. The goal of the game is to expand the retail network up to 10 stores. This is a real challenge, because everything takes place in a very competitive, constrained and multi-tasking environment. Risky moves, out-of-the box thinking, attention to detail, the ability to analyze a big amount of data are all essential to maintain and develop any business venture.

Budget Retail, a business game, which teaches to survive. The situation, frequently encountered in reality unfortunately, is complicated. Your customers simply do not have money. If they do, they can afford only the most necessary things. You have the network of green grocery stores – your task is not only to maintain the business, but also expand it significantly. If you are able to deal with it, then you are not afraid of any difficulties and you can come out as a winner.

Balanced Retail will help find the balanced approach to business. The same three stores are situated in completely different market conditions. You have to develop the strategy that will make your business expand and develop. It is necessary to find the balance between different components of success – risk and return, the quantity and quality, efficiency and cost.

The game is the most natural and humane form of training. The game allows you to deliver new knowledge and skills exactly the way participants want it. Simformer business games are a unique opportunity for players to test themselves, to improve their knowledge and skills and make a step towards success.

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