Corporate L&D

  • Training based on business simulation

    What is needed for a perfect training? A great coach and perfect testing grounds for skill development. This is exactly what is offered in the virtual testing grounds of Simformer Business Simulation. Integrated development tools and advanced functionality make it possible to create training programs for the development of a variety of skills and competencies.
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  • Gamification

    Gamification is a current trend in HR technologies. The usage of gaming methods in employee training and assessment helps engage employees and keep them motivated even throughout a long-term learning period.
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  • Strategy sessions

    Simformer offers an opportunity to simulate possible results of strategic decisions, envision the impact of certain innovations on your enterprise, and foresee possible feedback of industry colleagues and competitors on your planned business moves.
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  • For branch offices

    How to make sure that every employee located in various geographical locations, time zones and speaking different languages acquire all the necessary skills and knowledge to meet performance targets? The only solution is to develop an online system for training, development and assessment, on the basis of Simformer innovative platform.
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  • Personnel online assessment

    Simformer suggests a new approach — gamify it. Simformer Business Simulation provides the necessary data for objective skill and knowledge assessments, and will help your employees change their attitudes toward this process.
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  • Skill improvement courses

    Is your staff tired of the standard training programs? By using Simformer’s solutions, companies significantly improve the effectiveness of corporate education. Make your educational process more effective via gamification. Simformer offers flexible solutions for small companies and multinationals.
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  • Corporate business games

    Simformer’s business games offer a variety of business processes and functions: goal setting, strategic and operational management, HR, marketing, production, sales, logistics and more. The gameplay environment allows to develop professional and soft skills and perform personnel evaluation. Simformer offers ready-made games as well as the option to build custom games for you.
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  • Business simulation games development

    Simformer has extensive expertise in the development of business simulations along with a well-established ICT-infrastructure, superior project management, our own experts in business and economics. Simformer is ready to create simulations that would reflect the industrial, technological, marketing and other aspects of your business.
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  • Corporate Realm

    Simformer Business Simulation can be a key element in your employee internal training and evaluation of personnel. Corporate Realm is a solution for companies ready to apply gamification in HR. This product will lower simulation implementation and maintenance costs while reducing ongoing employee training and evaluation expenses.
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