Course development

Everything you need to develop practical courses

A wide range of Business and Economics related subjects

Equal profit sharing

Simformer strives for global promotion of the best practices in education.

We offer scientists, instructors and curriculum developers a perfect tool for developing and promoting of innovative practice-oriented educational programs.

You’ll be able to:

  • Use the LMS supported by SCORM— An up-to-date technique of information delivery and administrating of the learning process and testing of students; 
  • Use Simformer Business Simulation (SBS) — a foundation for practical application of skills; 
  • Have 24/7 access to all servers from any location in the world;
  • Receive consultations by experienced specialists on how to integrate SBS into courses and learning programs;
  • Use Simformer Marketplace to promote educational courses internationally;
  • Share profit equally — a course developer and instructor receive up to 50% of income.

Simformer presents an opportunity to create new educational products of very high standards. Gamification is a new trend in education that allows not only reaffirming knowledge, acquired by means of real-life simulation-based gaming techniques, but also providing enjoyable learning experience; and the knowledge particularly acquired that way lasts for a much longer period of time.

List of Business Simulations