Training based on business simulation

Individual or group

Online or onsite

Intensive dynamic

What distinguishes training from other forms of learning? Effective training not only provides new information, but also an opportunity to apply knowledge into practice. Perfect training allows participants to see the result of their efforts, to correct wrong decisions and try again.

What is needed for perfect training? A great coach and a perfect testing ground for skill development. Simformer Business Simulation offers you such testing grounds in its unparalleled business ecosystem that simulates typical business processes, functions, and macro factors.

Training — always part game, part different reality. Simformer Business Simulation adds to learning a competitive element, determination, in short, everything there is in a game while requiring its players to analyze information, identify targets, apply strategies and tactical moves.

Simformer Business Simulation offers trainers the opportunity to take a new look at their existing offerings. Built-in development tools and advanced simulation functionality allows trainers to create their own training programs for a variety of skills and competencies.

List of Business Simulations