Only for universities and business schools - 14 days free access to Simformer (free trial)

Instill innovation

Increase student involvement

Follow current trends in education

For universities and business schools – a free trial of 14 days free access to Simformer Business Simulation.

A unique offer for 1 month of free access to any of Simformer packages for groups of up to 30 students.

This is a perfect opportunity to use business simulations for the practical training of your students’ business skills and at the same time saving up to 1800 $ / €. This offer is an opportunity not only to get acquainted with the business simulation, but also to choose the best package from Simformer’s solutions.

In addition to the access of all of the training courses, Simformer experts will introduce you to the platform and its usage, and will hold a free seminar on the development of Simformer business games (regular price 500 $ / €).

After the free month, you can continue using Simformer, simply by paying a subscription for your licenses.

To begin your free trial leave us a request (please write the name of your organization and position in the message text):

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