Recruiters and HR

Recruiters and HR managers screen hundreds of resumes daily.  Are these resumes honest? There’s definitely enough room for error.  And some applicants just aren’t capable of expressing their real skills and experiences on a few sheets of paper. The same goes for the interviews – people tend to get shy,  forget things... under pressure to make a good first impression (often wrong). And the natural bias the interviewer might have in favor of physically attractive people. That’s why some of the prospective employees tend to get overlooked while others get overrated - a costly error.

An effective and frequently used method is to test prospective employees. This is one of Virtonomics' competitive advantages...attuned to predetermined tasks, it will serve as a perfect screening instrument – whether it would be deployed during initial screening or while making a final hiring decision. Any chance of human-error or biased decisions will be eliminated - recruits will either prove themselves worthy by showing their capabilities in lifelike situations or give way to stronger candidates.

Key benefits of using Virtonomics business simulations as an integral part of employee screening:

  • Human-error eliminated
  • All recruits have an equal chance to demonstrate their capabilities
  • Perfect as a “homework” assignment – can be completed remotely
  • Conduct any number of sessions
  • Flexible customization – starting conditions tailored to your needs
  • Detailed reports made during initial screening indicate knowledge-gaps