Product placement

Virtonomics has over 1 million registered users, 25 industries and 146 types of enterprises. It is the biggest business simulation available to players globally.  Virtonomics players consist mostly of entrepreneurs, college and university students and business savvy people.

The main goal of the game is to establish a successful and profitable business in one of the available industries. Players are engaged in: R&D, medical equipment manufacturing, natural resource extraction, farming, technology and science, retail trade, and the manufacturing of various products (from food to aircrafts).

There are numerous possibilities of product placement in Virtonomics, which will contribute to your brand awareness.

In-game product placement options in Virtonomics:

Your Corporation– this option provides the possibility to own a virtual clone of your real-life business with its processes and facilities. Players will interact with your company by supplying the necessary materials for production, as well as purchasing and reselling its products.

Your Products – players will be producing (70% of players are involved in production) your branded products in their factories and reselling them (95% are involved in retail) in their shops.

Branded perks – there are various perks and benefits available, which influence the quality of the produce, efficiency of the employees and management, improve equipment etc. There’s a possibility to introduce a brand related perk into the game with a unique type of gaming benefit to the players.

Useful Virtonomics statistics:

  • Over 1,000,000 register users
  • Regular players play Virtonomics for years (2-7)
  • One player opens ~1,000 web-pages/month, which is ~3,500 ad impressions per user