Instructor account

The format of teaching hasn’t truly changed for centuries. A prudent teacher is lecturing knowledge thirsty students. Rarely there’s any two-way communication. Individual learning speed doesn’t account for much – either you make it, or break it. 

Virtonomics' “Instructor Account” provides the ability for teachers, lecturers and professors to conduct entertaining and engaging gamified lectures, workshops and seminars. Students will be pleased to be involved in innovative type of curricula, where they become a part of a two-way interaction, instead of memorizing the material. Interactive simulations will increase the learning curve of the students, generate thorough reports about each participant’s actions and skills, encourage participants to help one another and generate content.

Key features of Virtonomics “Instructor Account”:

  • Curricula can be conducted remotely and locally  – both live and on demand
  • Students will be able to collaborate, communicate and help one another in forums and chat rooms
  • Instructors can setup custom starting conditions for every group of students
  • Custom sessions can be conducted for any duration and amount of participants
  • Detailed journals will list all of the student activities during the curriculum

 Key benefits and advantages of using Virtonomics “Instructor Account” in curricula:

  • All the students will be emerged in the process of education
  • The newly acquired knowledge will be immediately applied to direct actions
  • Each student can be helped individually, as needed