Virtonomics franchise is available for global deployment. If you are interested in starting a highly profitable gaming franchise in your own country, we offer a turn-key, SaaS solution.

Useful Virtonomics statistics:

  • One gaming realm for up to 100,000 users
  • Regular players play Virtonomics for 2-7 years
  • Each active user spends $10/month in subscription fees.
  • A standard in-game purchase ~ $50
  • One player opens ~1,000 web-pages/month, which is ~3,500 ad impressions per user

Key benefits of owning a Virtonomics franchise:

  • Multiple monetization options available (Free to play + paid in-game benefits; Subscription fee)
  • Highly engaging and easily marketable product
  • A custom, proprietary gaming realm
  • Full control of in-game advertising
  • In addition to media advertising, Virtonomics has unlimited product placement possibilities

Our commitment:

  • Fully hosted SaaS solution
  • Software deployment and customization
  • Continuous game development and updates
  • New feature and functionality development
  • Custom marketing materials
  • 24/7 support