Simformer Business Cup 2017

Stage 1 Start Date: June
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Online management challenge for Academics, Professionals and Individual Learners

Simformer Business Cup 2017 is a unique international online management and entrepreneurship challenge. The challenge is based on a powerful realistic online business simulation environment Simformer Business Simulation, where you get the chance to manage a virtual company. Its key features are real competition and a set of all management functions as well as typical business processes. You will interact not with computer-generated business partners, customers, suppliers and competitors, but with hundreds of other participants of the competition.

A spring season Simformer Business Cup is made up of two business games:

  • 4-5 March. Online game “Business Excellence” (Quality Management, Marketing, Operational management, Marketing, Teamwork Skills)
  • 8 April. Online Game “Corporation in Distress” (Strategic Management, Crisis Management, Cross-functional interaction, Leadership)


Students and Educators

The systematization of acquired knowledge and turning it into practical skills in business management. In addition to that, skills in teamwork, business networking, experience in interacting with competitors, and leadership skills. Your talents, demonstrated during Simformer Business Cup, will make you an in-demand candidate to a big number of huge companies.

Professionals and business consultants

Each year companies face a great deal of challenges. The innovations and systematic approach to business is the only way to survive in a competitive environment and ensure a dynamic growth of your business venture. Simformer business simulation is an innovative tool for development and growth of your employees. It is also a unique opportunity to test your business strategies in a risk-free realistic business simulation environment. Expand your employees’ outlook on business, teach them strategic thinking and the ability to get a full picture of your business. Teach your employees the ability to make decision from the CEO stand point. Identify and develop the talents of your employees and you will become a market leader.


Register and put together a team (2-5 people)

Create a virtual company, which you will have to manage, and delegate the roles among the team members.

Collaborate and compete with other participants of the challenge

During the Simformer Business Cup all teams have to manage a virtual company with the same starting indicators, the scenario and training materials, develop and implement a business strategy and a set of management decisions by competing with each other. Simformer Business Cup consists of two games (March, April). The first game is played in the course of two days, and consists of 30 turns. The second - one day and 8 turns. Every turn happens each clock 1 hour (equivalent to one week in Simformer business simulation environment).

The task of the participants: to make decisions every hour in the field of marketing, purchase, sales, production, human resources, finance, logistics, achieving the best financial performance of the company and competing with other teams. Games are held in Simformer Business Simulation, a business simulation environment.