Employee training

Training programs and seminars have various underlying goals – whether they are meant to increase the qualification and knowledge of your existing employees, or to develop competencies of newly hired employees. Virtonomics “Instructor account” offers many advantages in both of these cases. The facilitators of the educational curricula will be able to incorporate the flexible Virtonomics platform into their programs, consequently becoming highly aware of each participants unique learning curve, as well as their progression towards the primary goals of the workshop.

 Key features of Virtonomics “Instructor Account”:

  • Training programs and seminars can be conducted remotely – in real-time and on demand
  • Participants can cooperate and communicate in dedicated forums and chatrooms
  • Program Coordinator is able to setup identical or unique starting conditions for individuals and groups
  • Custom sessions can be conducted for any duration and amount of participants
  • Detailed logs about all of the member activities during the program

 Key benefits and advantages of Virtonomics “Instructor Account” in training and seminars:

  • All the participants will be fully emerged into the process of education
  • The newly acquired knowledge will be immediately applied to direct actions and will result in obvious outcomes
  • Users will be able to help each other overcome predetermined issues and obstacles
  • Each participant can be trained additionally, as needed


 Available trainings, ready-made with the platform:

Organize an effective sales division

Goals of the training:

Teach the participants to create, adjust and optimize the workflow of a sales department in order to maximize its efficiency and results.

The participants will:

  • Learn to perform a proper market research, which consists of – a comprehensive competitor analysis, in-depth knowledge of potential client needs, developing a suitable pricing range.
  • Understand how to create accurate KPI’s and build the most effective strategy to achieve them
  • Learn the formation process of an effective team; utilize the strengths of a team and properly motivate subordinates
  • Exercise their leadership skills
  • Find the most effective methods of a CRM data usage