Employee assessment

Will the new hires make the right decisions at a critical moment?  How about the “old-timers” – are they still capable of pulling off the cutting edge performance when it’s needed? In many industries these types of questions are resolved by annual, monthly or even daily assessment which is then followed by knowledge reinforcement. Astronauts, pilots, doctors, soldiers and so on – perfect their skills up until their performance becomes subconscious. Most of the companies in the business world have been learning from their mistakes the hard way. For some reason, companies accept that employees are either a hit or a miss, a 50/50. But it doesn’t have to be that way – not any more. The business world is rapidly deploying gamification procedures into their daily routines. Hire excellent employees and help them achieve peak performance!

Key benefits of employee assessment using Virtonomics:

  • An engaging and stimulating approach to employee assessment
  • A flexible, highly customizable simulation
  • A great tool to pin-point knowledge gaps
  • The platform can be effectively used for educational purposes