Education gamification platform

Many of the world’s top tier universities and colleges have already introduced into their curricula some type of gamified applications. Game-based education is used to streamline knowledge and teach new skills. Students are able to use various simulations to obtain knowledge and expertise, otherwise only available in real-world environment.

Simformer Academy is a multipurpose business simulation platform, based on a MMOG strategic business game Simformer. When deployed, a global economy and business simulation will help lecturers reinforce the theoretical part of their lectures and showcase how theory works on real-world examples. 

With Simformer Academy your academic institution can:

  • Gamify the processes of education
  • Create and deploy unique business games and lectures
  • Organize practice-based curricula
  • Test the knowledge, skills and behavioral patterns of students
  • Create a talent pool for future employers
  • Train students to work in teams, interact and cooperate
  • Develop a systematic approach to management
  • Develop managerial,  business planning and analytical skills
  • Minimize cross-cultural differences in multinational environments

Benefits of Simformer Academy for your academic institution:

  • A different approach to marketing
  • A new competitive edge
  • Uniqueness
  • Better reviews and results in academic institution rankings
  • Highly engaging lectures

A SAAS package of Simformer Academy includes:

  • A virtual, dedicated game server. This is an isolated realm that can be accessed only by authorized users at your organization
  • A pre-launch customization of the simulation. You choose the unique combination of industries, enterprises, geographic locations, products and brands
  • A collection of ready-made training programs and business games
  • A detailed guide on how to create business games and other curricula with Simformer Academy
  • A set of “Instructor Accounts” for the professors/lecturers/teachers of colleges and universities. They will be used to conduct Lectures/Workshops/Training Programs with unique scenarios and to coordinate the user activity during the simulation, as well as analyze detailed reports of all of the user actions.