Custom simulations

For the past decade the process of education gamification is being actively integrated into curricula by universities and other academic institutions. Gamification is an approach to education that streamlines the learning procedure and reinforces the obtained knowledge, by using game mechanics. The knowledge retrieval tactic requires students to trigger and apply the information in the simulation, which dramatically increases information retention.

Our talented and vigorous team of analysts, developers and project managers are always up for a challenge. With years of experience under our belt, we are able to develop goal-oriented proprietary simulations, with any amount of detail and complexity.

A proprietary simulation can provide many benefits to your academic institution:

  • A fresh approach to marketing
  • A competitive edge over your competitors
  • Exclusivity
  • Better reviews and results in academic institution rankings
  • Highly engaging lectures

Simulation advantages for students:

  • A better understanding of student knowledge gaps
  • Infrastructure where students can help one another
  • Instant possibility to reinforce the knowledge
  • Interesting and engaging assignments
  • Stimulates teamwork