University Support Program "Simformer: NO to Corona!"

Due to the antivirus quarantine (COVID-19) in many educational institutions and their urgent transition to distance learning for students, the Simformer platform announces the launch of the University Support Program.

The University Support Program provides:

Any state institution of higher education will receive 30 licenses with an access to 2 Simformer educational business simulation courses and 50% discount on all of Simformer solutions.

Commercial higher education institutions will be provided with a 50% discount on all our online educational solutions - business simulations, courses, online management tournaments.


The validity of free licenses and discounts are until May 31, 2020. Currently, we can accept only one application for a package of free licenses from one university.

To obtain licenses and discounts, please fill out the application. The application must be filled out by a teacher or an employee of the university administration. In your application indicate your official email address located on the official domain of your university (not Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc ..). Licenses will be sent only to such an official e-mail of your university.

We are glad to make our contribution and help your university in this difficult time to effectively switch to a distance learning format.

Products included in the license:



Please fill out all fields:

Please send our University 30 free licenses for access to Simformer business simulations for distance learning students