Business gamification platform

Virtonomics Enterprise is a corporate education and training platform based on the massively multiplayer business simulator Virtonomics. It is designed for large companies and consulting firms with their own corporate training centers and universities.  By deploying Virtonomics Enterprise (internally or remotely), training centers and corporate universities can develop and implement an unlimited amount of unique business games and trainings on a wide variety of topics for mid-level and senior managers.

With Virtonomics Enterprise platform you can:

  • Gamify the processes of staff development
  • Create and deploy business games and training sessions
  • Organize corporate practice-based curriculums
  • Test the knowledge, skills and behavioral patterns of employees
  • Create a talent pool
  • Improve the efficiency of teamwork, their interaction and cooperation
  • Develop a systematic approach to management
  • Develop employee skills of business planning and analysis
  • Minimize the cross-cultural differences in multinational companies
  • Improve the quality of strategic management
  • Optimize the key processes of business

A SAAS package of Virtonomics Enterprise includes:

  • A Virtual Dedicated game server. This is an isolated realm, that can be accessed only by the users of your organization
  • A pre-launch customization of the simulation. A client chooses the unique combination of industries, geographical locations, products and brands
  • A collection of ready-made trainings and business games
  • A detailed guide, on how to create business games and other curriculums with Virtonomics Enterprise
  • A set of “Instructor Accounts” for the lecturers/trainers of corporate universities and training centers. They will be used to conduct workshops/trainings/seminars with unique scenarios and to coordinate the user activity during the simulation. As well as analyze the detailed reports of all of the user actions.