Business games for Academia

All key business processes and functions

Diverse game scenarios

Individual and group format

Games and simulations are widely used in education, as successful, advanced educational institutions aim to prepare students capable of applying acquired knowledge into practice. The combination of the classical education model with practice-oriented simulations has proven to be a very effective method of study, as it eliminates the gap between the abstract nature of the academic subject and the real nature of the professional activity.

The introduction of Simformer Business Simulation into the educational process in conjunction with a powerful Learning Management System opens up wide world of new possibilities for educators.

With Simformer you can:

  • Apply theory to practice in the multifunctional real-world simulation.
  • Clearly demonstrate results of managerial decision-making process during class.
  • Use business games during practice sessions and home assignments.
  • Apply ready-made Simformer game scenarios or create your own. 
  • Move part of the learning process online. 
  • Add an element of competitive dynamics. 
  • Obtain objective participant assessment online.

Undoubtedly, the development of professional expertise, as well as problem solving and decision making skills requires hard and systematic work. By applying Simformer’s educational solutions, students and teachers can see the results of this work, expressed not only in terms of their academic performance, but also in well-functioning global factories, stores, farms, and research laboratories in Simformer Business Simulation.

List of Business Simulations