9 Tips on how to use everything at hand to make the new eLearning content

Here are tips on how to use everything in eLearning content you have at hand and produce something new on the basis of it.

According to Christopher Pappas, to use your existing resources better and to reduce time spent on a new training materials development you may repurpose e-Learning content you have at hand. He shares 9 tips on how to do this.

As you see simulations may be very useful in the process of e-learning course creation. They help you to see the efficiency of the course and your students can test their new knowledge in the game before implementing it in reality.

Simformer Business Simulation provides testing of students’ skills in different fields of Science and Technology. Such an approach engages students not only by interesting content, but also by unusual forms of information delivery.

Make your courses more interesting and effective!

Just integrate Simformer game platform to conduct your training on the new level.

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