Bespoke business simulations

The process of business gamification has been actively deployed by companies around the world. Gamification is a method of education that simplifies and reinforces the learning procedure and boosts motivation using game mechanic. According to Gartner - by 2015 over 70% of 2000 of world’s largest companies will be using at least one gamified application.

By combining knowledge and experience, people get better at what they do. Athletes, entrepreneurs, players etc. - they become the best in their field only because of their hard work. And the biggest companies in the world know how to simplify this process.

A business simulation that mimics your business – all of it’s departments and responsibilities, processes and workflow, goals and reports. All of it in a single, custom made game - can serve for variety of purposes:

  • Training existing employees in order to achieve much better results
  • Getting all of your employees to see “the big picture”
  • Preparing new recruits for their jobs
  • Teaching remotely located employees
  • Testing the skills and qualifications of subordinates
  • Preparing managers for “force majeure” and developing their “Crisis management” skills

In the process of a client’s full business analysis, our analysts already know the goals and objectives of the simulation. From the first line of code, our clients are closely involved in all of the development stages.